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The How & Why of Induced Lactation
Part I

You made the decision to lactate and breast feed without the constraints of pregnancy or child bearing; you read our files, did the research and began the process of inducing. Each stimulation session was undertaken with confidence and zest; you were sure results would soon be forthcoming. Yet after weeks of diligent effort, the joys of lactation has been an elusive reward. An undertaking that began with joy and confidence, is now turning to disappointment and self doubt; you are beginning to ask, « what am I doing wrong? ».

Lactation is a natural element of the female essence. The female body is a wondrous biochemical entity, ready to give forth the bounty of breast milk, even when pregnancy is not part of the equation. To lactate without pregnancy, all that is required is stimulation of the mammary glands, nipples and areolas. If the process is really this simple, then why a have those beautiful sprays of milk eluded you? To understand why you have not reached the level of lactation you expected, we need return to the beginning of the process and seek answers there. It is likely that you are not doing anything wrong; rather, it is more likely that you may have missed a key element in the process of inducing lactation or relactation.

Think back to that moment you decided to lactate; what was the first thing you did after you made the decision? Likely, your first action was to discover how to induce lactation. You may have read all you could about inducing and relactation, perhaps even sought the advice of others, then formulated a plan that would, hopefully, take you to full lactation. However, what you may have overlooked is the « Why » of inducing lactation! How, is the method; why, is the motivation! Inducing lactation can be a dominating factor in any woman’s daily routine, so consider why you have this strong need to lactate? Answering the question of, « Why? », can often be the key to successfully motivating yourself with any endeavor.

To understand why you feel this need to lactate, let’s take a look at the process of childbirth and breast feeding. The human instinct to procreate is, obviously, the dominating factor with childbirth and neonatal breast feeding; however, there is more going on than just the child’s need for food and nurturing. When you observe a new mother breast feeding her child, (or perhaps recall from your own experience as a mother), she radiates the epitome of inner peace and inner strength. The new mother seems to, instinctively, be able to anticipate the needs and wants of her child. A subconscious bond of metaphysical inner communication has formed between mother and child; a bond which often lasts a lifetime.

A woman’s spiritual ability and need to expand beyond her own physical body isn’t just limited to neonatal breast feeding, it is an fundamental element of womanhood. A woman may find herself driven to lactate without really knowing why! Induced lactation and relactation, (while being physically pleasure filled in its self), isn’t just about physical pleasure; lactation is a way of reaching a higher plateau of personal awareness for many women. Understanding your need to lactate, and the changes it brings into your daily life, is an integral part of the inducing process.

When a woman lactates, her body chemistry changes, particularly the balance of the chemical neurotransmitters in her brain. Every thing we say, do, think or feel is controlled by the balance of these chemical neurotransmitters! Among other desirable effects, the unique balance created by lactation can bring an inner peace and tranquility like nothing else you will ever experience. And as with many things in life, to succeed with inducing lactation or relactation, you must focus on the personal rewards lactation brings into your daily routine. To be able to focus on these rewards, you must first know what they are!

The personal rewards of lactation are as varied as the personalities of the women who wish to lactate. In addition to the beautiful inner peace and tranquility lactation can bring into a woman’s life, some women find the simple physical pleasure of letdown and lactation to be a powerful incentive. Other women may desire the physical pleasure and emotional bonding of breast feeding their adult partner. And still other women may seek lactation as a path to a higher awareness and spiritual enlightenment. There are many, many reasons why a woman may feel the need to lactate without pregnancy. When preparing to induce lactation or relactate, (even before you plan out the method you want to use to induce lactation), your first course of action should be to contemplate why you feel driven to lactate.

Inducing lactation is a relatively simple procedure; however, it does not come without self-sacrifice and self-discipline, and long-term lactation is definitely not activity to be undertaken on a whim. Depending on your personal physiology and dedication, it can take weeks, even months, to reach a satisfactory flow of milk. Also, it is quite likely that lactation will become a a dominating factor in your daily routine, so take the time to answer these questions,  » Why do I feel the need to lactate? » and  » What do I expect to get from it? ». Searching for an unknown destination is at best confusing; even more so if you are uncertain as to why you are going there in the first place. Before you begin to induce lactation, come to know your own needs!

You have lived with yourself for a long time; you know the person that you are and the person you want to be. Contemplate what you want your life to be and where you want it to go in the future. Evaluate your life as it is now; plan the changes you want to occur. Even if you are inducing lactation or relactating for your partner, you are doing it because of how it makes you feel inside. As pleasure filled as adult nursing may be for your partner, understand and accept that lactating is something you do for yourself and what it brings into your personal life. Create a new mental image of the person you want to be and the daily routine you want to live. Employ this new image to motivate yourself to move forward, magnifying your inner strength and self-confidence through lactation. Come to know and accept why you feel the need to lactate before you begin the process of inducing lactation or relactating!

Lactation doesn’t change who you are; it frees the person inside!

Link to the website : http://www.stargatelibraries.com

Link to the article : http://www.stargatelibraries.com/HowAndWhyInducing001.html

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